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AgriClear (a product of “Rumsan Associates Pvt. Ltd.”) is a blockchain-based system that helps in tracking good agricultural practices from its production phase till it reaches the end consumers to define agro-products quality and authenticity. It ensures transparency and traceability of agro-products, allowing customers to scan labels with smartphones to access detailed supply chain information. For instance, apples from Jumla have significantly higher demand in the market because they have a unique identity. Such a unique identity will make local products more competent while greatly enticing the buyers to buy and farmers can get a fair price for their products.


In recent times, the authenticity and quality traceability of products and activities in the agriculture supply chain has become a necessity for agribusiness. For discerning consumers, there is no transparency of all the supply chain related information, local farmers are losing their competitive edge, and issues related to fraudulence, contamination, and a decline in the quality of agro-products are some of the issues that have arisen as a result of the lack of transparency.

  • No supply chain transparency information for discerning consumers.
  • Local Nepalese farmers are losing their competitive edge.
  • Issues of Fraudulence, Contamination and Quality of Agro Products.


AgriClear records all the information of an agro product from its- production to its delivery. Here, are some

  • Provides supply chain transparency through blockchain technology.
  • Helps farmers create a unique/competitive advantage.
  • Tracking contamination, fraudulence and quality assurance during transportation of agro products.


Database : MongoDB

UI : React js

Programming Language : JavaScript

Server : NodeJS