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Rahat is an open-source blockchain-based Cash and Voucher Assistance platform to support vulnerable communities.Rahat manages and monitors the flow of transactions in token distribution projects maintaining end-to-end transparency for humanitarian agencies who need a transparent, efficient, and cheaper way to distribute cash or goods in emergency response.


When disasters strike, getting aid to those who need it, quickly, is vital but with 2 billion unbanked population in the world, reaching the most vulnerable becomes the most challenging. In recent years, Cash Voucher Assistance (CVA) has become the best chosen method for aid delivery within the humanitarian sector. But, the prevalent cash or aid distribution model can be expensive, inefficient, insecure and opaque; often a long process which creates decreased accountability and higher potential for mismanagement and fraud. Moreover, it is very difficult to manage information on benefits needed and delivered during these relief efforts. Thus, the agencies involved in relief distribution face numerous challenges and there is intense pressure on their resources and capacities during a crisis.


  • Rahat uses a tokenized cash distribution technology dependent on a blockchain based network for an immutable process to transfer aid efficiently.
  • It uses ethereum's private Proof of Authority (POA) network as a consortium of different stakeholders such as banks, NGO/INGO and government ensuring a secure and fast payment.
  • Rahat cuts down labor intensive administrative work that usually slows down aid distribution lowering overall impact.
  • The blockchain explorer provides an auditable data trail that allows real-time tracking of transactions and eases administrative burden of reconciliation. Therefore, direct transfer between parties helps reduce time to deliver aid, auditability risk and privacy risks.


Database : MongoDB

UI : HTML/CSS/Javascript with react library

Programming Language : JavaScript

Server : NodeJS

Blockchain : Ethereum