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About Us

We are an innovation engine. Digital service experts. Technology enthusiasts.

Since our inception in 2020, we have been developing digital solutions. Rumsan is a team of innovative Internet application development experts. We are a growing team of passionate technology architects eager to adapt to the ever evolving digital needs of our clients.

We love exploring emerging technologies in development, AI, smart devices, blockchain, and the best from the internet.

Our Mission

We simplify processes with digital innovation and a consumer-centric approach at its core

We build comprehensive web-based applications to help you do your business better in a constantly evolving business world. We focus on usability, security and efficiency to deliver high quality products and cutting-edge solutions. Our web solutions are based on a careful study of the client’s needs and objectives.

Our Services

Rumsan offers customized software solutions to various industries to enhance productivity and address specific business needs.

Rumsan is more than just a software company. We specialize in various business sectors to solve problems using technology. Our creative experts study your business needs and design and develop applications tailored to your IT needs. We offer an effective solution to help you increase productivity in your organization.


Enterprise Product Development

Rumsan creates customized web & mobile applications and software for clients in sectors, including finance, healthcare, agriculture, and education. We offer end-to-end digital solutions and have experience in product design and technical consultancy.


Business Process Optimization

Rumsan offers digitization and automation services to improve business processes and create more efficient options. Our services include real-time reporting, tracking, and data collection tools to help organizations make informed decisions.


Frontier Technology

Rumsan is using frontier technology to develop the future of financial, health, agriculture, and education. We specialize in blockchain technology, to create products and services for our clients. Rumsan builds NFT marketplaces, EVM-based Dapps, and deploys smart contracts.


Product Life Cycle Management

We offer project management solutions, including human-centered design expertise, SCRUM, and agile software development cycles. We integrate digital development guidelines programs to maximize impact on vulnerable communities.


Data visualization

We offer a range of data visualization tools to help turn data into actionable insights, including custom-tailored and filtered report generation, charts, two-dimensional graphs, and bar graphs. We also provide a data forecasting tool to generate valuable forecasts for business decision-making.


Data Migration

We have a structured data migration process to transfer existing data to a new storage system. The process starts with data backup, data inspection, data diagnostic, data integration, data deduplication to data comparison, and data testing. We provide data migration from SQL to NoSQL and vice versa.


Technical Capabilities

We use a combination of the latest technologies to provide the best possible solution for any enterprise-level problem. Most of our tech capabilities are based on JavaScript-based ecosystems. We also specialize in designing open-source products and have technical experience in permissive and copyleft licenses.


Digital Marketing and Communications

We design digital marketing campaigns including content creation, SEO management, brand and marketing persona design, and graphics. We develop strategies to connect, converse, collaborate, and co-create with target customers, all while keeping the client's goals in mind.

Client and Partners

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At Rumsan, we embrace challenges to optimize processes using efficient and cutting-edge technologies. We believe in simplifying processes with digital innovation and a consumer centric approach. We also support promising innovators and ideas. Contact us to share your interest.

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