About Us

Who We Are ?

We are a digital innovation firm dedicated to empowering businesses committed to creating impactful solutions for society. Our mission is to revolutionize the potential of blockchain technology, reshaping its role to contribute to a positive and sustainable future.

  • 1 Mission

    Simplify processes with digital innovation and a consumer-centric approach at its core.

  • 2 Vision

    We envision creating societal impact through frontier technologies.

About Us

  • 1 Rahat: Financial Access for the Vulnerable

    Through our flagship solution, Rahat, we envision to support vulnerable communities and build resilience against the impact of climate shocks. By providing decentralized and transparent financial access, Rahat is dedicated to supporting the last billion.

  • 3 Supporting impact organizations

    As a blockchain-centric organization, we take pride in more than just technology; we prioritize making a positive social impact. We support impact-focused organizations through their web 3 transformation journey. on their transformative journey into the realm of web 3.0.

  • 2 Blockchain Community Building

    We are at the forefront of blockchain education and awareness. From meetups and 101 sessions to fellowship sessions, we actively cultivate a community that understands and harnesses the potential of blockchain technology.

Our Team

Rumee Singh
CEO and Co-Founder
Santosh Shrestha
CTO and Co-Founder
Ruchin Singh
COO and Co-founder
Shristi Piya
Chief Development Officer

Our Products

Rahat is an open-source blockchain-based financial access platform which monitors the flow of transactions in token distribution projects.

eSatya is a blockchain initiative which has been at the forefront of promoting awareness and education about the technology in Nepal.

Hamro LifeBank is a social initiative which is taking a data- centric approach for a smart, transparent and holistic blood management service from collection to supply.