Heifer International Nepal is an international NGO, operating in Nepal with a mission to thrive the farmers and end poverty while caring for the earth by providing livestock-especially goat, dairy cattle, water buffalo and backyard poultry, education and other resources by providing livestock, education and other resources to help the poor families become self-reliant. With modern training and access to the markets, Heifer Nepal is helping farmers to raise quality livestock by improving nutrition and increasing their incomes.
The Challenges
One of the Business activities of BIOS is to rent out sports and recreational activities related equipment to the Sports coach in Australia. They had been managing all the transactions manually. The Manual data management resulted in maintaining the equipment stock, managing Coaches.
The Solutions

Rumsan Associates developed the web-based mobile responsive application - Equipment management system for BIOS.

The basic features of the application:

  • Manages users of the application : Coach, Equipment Manager, Admin.
  • Manages Activities and Equipment.
  • Dynamic Issue of equipment as per the recreational activities.
  • Return and Transfer Equipments.
  • Customized and filtered Report Generation.
  • Dynamically add category for news section.
  • Export Report in MS-Excel.
  • Email notification and data Migration.
  • Database : MongoDB
  • UI : CSS/Javascript with material UI framework
  • Programming Language : JavaScript, React Native (Mobile Application)
  • Server : NodeJS
  • UI : CSS/Javascript with Bootstrap