Hamro LifeBank is a social initiative for a smart, transparent and holistic blood management service from collection to supply. HLB is taking a data-centric approach to cut the stress out of the process by getting information to patients easily, motivating youth to donate blood and helping blood banks work efficiently to minimize wastage and make informed-decisions.
The Challenges
Existing blood management system in Nepal is manual, cumbersome and inefficient. Almost all blood banks in the country record information on blood manually in registers which means there’s a tedious process of back-office paperwork for blood banks and inefficiencies when it comes to handling emergencies, connecting to donors and sharing information in general. Tracking blood availability, usage and wastage is a cumbersome process.
The Solutions
  • Develop a cohesive smart blood management ecosystem for Nepal.
  • Implements an efficient and transparent nation-wide donor data collection and bloodstock inventory to minimize wastage.
  • Builds PR for blood with smart blood donation events and aware people about the blood importance.
  • Ragat chahiyo blood hotline to manage blood and cut off the stress of patient family.
  • Database : MongoDB
  • UI : HTML/CSS/React
  • Programming Language : JavaScript
  • Server : NodeJS