Heifer International Nepal is an international NGO, operating in Nepal with a mission to thrive the farmers and end poverty while caring for the earth by providing livestock-especially goat, dairy cattle, water buffalo and backyard poultry, education and other resources by providing livestock, education and other resources to help the poor families become self-reliant. With modern training and access to the markets, Heifer Nepal is helping farmers to raise quality livestock by improving nutrition and increasing their incomes.
The Challenges
HEIFER Nepal wanted to enhance and expand its existing system by adding new features such as recording the goat medical information digitally, making a mobile based application for the farmers to record and put all the data on the blockchain network. As there wasn’t an app for farmers to record the information of their goats, they wanted a farmer-friendly app that would allow farmers to independently track data related to goats and their health. Similarly, CAVE used to keep all goat vaccination records on paper in traditional ledgers, which made it impossible to keep track of all the related information.
The Solutions

HEIFER Nepal was able to enhance their system by collaborating with Rumsan Associates, allowing farmers and other users to track and monitor their goats' health. They replaced their existing goat tracking system with a new one that includes more features and blockchain technology.

LSCMS ( Livestock Content Management System) mobile app is used by farmers to record the goats basic data and weight information whereas CAVE can record data related to vaccination of goats whereas the web-application is used by cooperative users where they can record different data, inputs related to goat life cycle such as goats basic (DOB, gender, breed, etc.), health information (anthelmintic, antibiotic and vaccinations) and their selling information(selling date and weight of goat), hand exchange from farmers, cooperatives and distributors.

The system visualizes all of the activities and data related to the number of goats, their breeding, sales, death, sales etc. in pie charts, graph charts representation in the dashboard page to assist farmers and other users to develop and analyze the powerful insights quickly and effectively.

Rumsan Associates developed the web-based mobile responsive application where:

  • Dashboard for admins to view multiple different reports based on region generated by the system and forecast what is on demand in the market.
  • View list of goats based on region or all which are recorded in the database system.
  • Manages users of the application : farmers, CAVE, Cooperative user and Admin.
  • Add and view all the CAVE technicians to provide health information on the goats.
  • View and add new distributors or retailers on their system which are operating in their supply chain.
  • Legacy system integration.
  • Use of Blockchain technology in the supply chain and health history of goats.
  • Data migration and export Report in MS-Excel.
  • Database : MongoDB
  • UI : CSS/Javascript with material UI framework
  • Programming Language : JavaScript, React Native (Mobile Application)
  • Server : NodeJS
  • Blockchain Network : EVM based private blockchain
  • UI : CSS/Javascript with Bootstrap