Record Nepal is an independent digital publication based in Kathmandu, Nepal. They examine politics, the economy, societal, and culture stories. They look into events both current and past, offering depth, analysis, and perspective.
The Challenges
Record Nepal is a website that publishes digital news stories. Their previous website was slow and took a long time to load. In their previous website, both the admin and the user had no access to an article's statistics or progress and also could not allow normal users to be a member nor give the role of contributor to write articles and send it to the record to publish the articles in the site. Furthermore, the admin was unable to keep track of the donations and membership fees made by the readers. As a result, the Record Nepal wants to update their website with some additional features.
The Solutions

By partnering with the Record Nepal, Rumsan Associates developed a custom web application that allows the admin to view, edit, and publish articles sent by their contributors (authors). The users who have created their account in the website can also now view, edit, save and send to publish their articles through the user dashboard which has their article stats and progress. The admin was able to keep track of the donations and membership fees made by the readers. A new website was built to exhibit their published articles and to import their current articles from their previous system. All the data, articles and the related content were migrated from their wordpress to the new CMS of the Record Nepal developed by Rumsan.

Rumsan Associates developed the web-based mobile responsive application where it focused on:

  • Content migration from their existing website.
  • Create, view, edit and publish articles.
  • Payment integration: eSewa, Khalti and Paypal.
  • User dashboard with their articles stats and their progress.
  • Integrate Google docs to edit articles.
  • Dynamically add category for news section.
  • Display all the articles published.
  • Save stories feature.
  • SEO: ensuring that their website appears on the top of search results (on search engines) regarding latest news.
  • Notification of activities such as article review, published, rejected.
  • Database : MongoDB
  • UI : CSS/Javascript with material UI framework
  • Programming Language : JavaScript, React Native (Mobile Application)
  • Server : NodeJS
  • UI : CSS/Javascript with Bootstrap